Remember who you are.

This life is a journey of Remembering.

Remembering who you are, why you are here, and what makes you truly come alive.

This is a journey of recovery. It is a process of slowly recognizing and reclaiming the lost, forgotten, and abandoned parts of yourself back into wholeness. It is releasing the stories and identities that are not really you.

This journey is about re-creating a new relationship with your Self… based on love, trust, acceptance, wisdom, and truth.

My work is to support you on this journey.

This journey is as individual as you are… so welcome, exactly as you are, all parts of you, right here, right now.

In service to our collective Remembering,


My intention is to create a safe space for you to unfold your understanding of yourself and your life’s journey to support your true aliveness and the capacity to enjoy your life as you go, through whatever life may bring you.
We are complex multidimensional beings living in a complicated world and most of us have not been given the proper tools or education about how to navigate our inner and outer journey.
I use a holistic and integral approach that includes all aspects of the human experience:
physical/somatic, emotional, psychological/mental, and spiritual/soul level.

I approach problems as doorways to deeper understanding that leads to healing and resolution.

Doorways to remember who we are.

In every wound there is a gift, an intelligence, and a resource.

Ask yourself now...

What is seeking healing?
What parts of you need nourishment?
What is ready to be released?

My story

In my work I listen to people share their stories.

Telling our own story is powerful healing medicine.

Telling our story is a process of making conscious the meaning that we make about self, others, and life and is transformative in and of itself.

My personal story is where theoretical teachings and philosophy have become real and embodied for me, and I would argue that this is the case for everyone.

Here I would like to share my story and how it has led me to who I am today and the work that I do.


“This sun keeps on shining.”

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