My story

In my work I listen to people share their stories.

Telling our own story is powerful healing medicine.

Telling our story is a process of making conscious the meaning that we make about self, others, and life and is transformative in and of itself.

My personal story is where theoretical teachings and philosophy have become real and embodied for me, and I would argue that this is the case for everyone.

Here I would like to share my story and how it has led me to who I am today and the work that I do.

Early life in the USA

The daughter of an Indian immigrant father and American mother, I was born and raised in the USA in a multicultural family–a perfect mix of East and West. My early years were a combination of an idyllic childhood and an increasingly dysfunctional family life. I graduated highschool with all looking perfect on paper but inside I was lost.

The beginning of recovery meant getting even more lost

My journey of recovery began when I left home for university. Too often I wasn’t ok, suffering and struggling to understand why and what to do. I often felt alone and kept my suffering to myself, ashamed to ask for help and not knowing what I would even need. I was disconnected from myself and my inner dialogue was often filled with negativity and hatred towards my body and it’s need for true nourishment. Even when I eventually started getting help, my issues were labeled and medicalized. While I didn’t have words for it at the time, I felt objectified and wrong and certainly not seen. I was also introduced to illness and death during this time with the loss of my father while I was still a teenager.

And then I found yoga

I graduated from university but did not have clarity. I had discarded my lifelong aspiration to be a doctor (disillusioned by allopathic medicine and having spent too much time in the hospital watching my father die) but had not yet understood what I wanted to do with my life. And then I found yoga—which was love at first sight. This meeting was to change my life and opened up a whole new world from that which I had grown up in. Yoga has been my constant companion since that time. During the following years I explored all types of eastern and western natural medicine, phytotherapy, sacred plant medicine, nutrition, qigong, women’s studies, psychotherapy, trauma healing, meditation, tantra, shamanism, somatic therapies, esoteric studies, astrology… name it. I studied and experimented with it all, strongly motivated by the need to heal and find inner peace. All of these studies pointed the way home, each in its own way, back to myself.

A change in trajectory

In my late 20’s life would have me move from the United States to Europe, a trajectory change that would greatly expand my understanding of myself, other people, and the world around me. I was faced with the task of learning both French and Italian simultaneously and integrating into new cultures while starting a family. Leaving my country, family, language, and the American cultural conditioning was a radical training on every level of my being–for both my personal journey as well as my capacity to work with people today. Also becoming a mother and birthing my two children at home was one of the most important formative times of my life and a significant moment of remembering and reclaiming parts of my essential nature.

Illness as the great initiator

As life progressed, a lifelong issue with atopic dermatitis would only worsen. Most of the countless attempts I made at healing naturally, energetically, psychologically, spiritually, etc would not work at alleviating symptoms. Feelings of shame and guilt were regular companions during flares as well as the desperation of living with an unpredictable chronic disease that greatly impacted my physical appearance and quality of life. Chronic disease has been a great initiator into the process of uncovering the truth of who I am. It has helped me (albeit painfully) disidentify from my body as who I am while simultaneously demanding that I take loving care of my body and listen attentively to its needs. This illness has led to many course corrections from my early spiritual and yogic studies that would have us deny and shame the body (especially female) and taught me the absolute necessity of an embodied spirituality. We may be spiritual beings, but we are here in human bodies.

Relationship as a mirror for Remembering

My relationships with both men and women, my family of origin, and my own children are where I learn daily about myself and the parts of me that are not in alignment with my True Self. Over the years, I have become more and more aware of the parts of me that are unresolved, fearful of intimacy, and distrusting of others as it has been mirrored back to me in my relationships. As I have had to really understand and accept that I cannot change others, inevitably, I have had no choice but to look inside myself for the source of my ‘dis-ease’. Relationships have given me the opportunity to take radical responsibility for my own feelings and to learn how to make space to contain my inner experience instead of projecting it onto others. It is an ongoing practice! Committing to taking this kind of radical responsibility is an incredible journey that has taken me into the structure of my personality, defence strategies, early childhood wounding, trauma, attachment issues, coping mechanisms, and greater understanding about the healing potential in every relationship. It has also helped me to feel genuine compassion for myself and inner little girl and to appreciate my own uniqueness and beauty just the way I am. Relationships help me remember who I am.

Using my life journey to support others

Over the years, I took up formal studies in yoga, natural health sciences, and holistic counseling to have the tools and experience to support others on their journeys. But beyond the certifications and degrees that I recieved, my studies and training have mostly served to point the way to turn inward, discern my inner voice, and learn to trust it. To reclaim and own all parts of myself–the light and the dark–and learn to accept myself more and more.

One of the most powerful parts of my learning and healing has been the teachers, guides, and therapists who have created safe spaces for me to share my own journey in their supportive presence. It has been the people who have simply witnessed my unfolding and supported me to trust my own inner wisdom to guide my life who have made all the difference.

It is my intention now to provide this same safe and supportive presence to others on their journeys of remembering, recovery, and living an embodied, joyful, and fully alive life.

Welcome, it will be my pleasure and honor to journey with you.



  • National College of Natural Medicine Portland, OR 2004-2007
  • University of Florida Gainesville, FL 2000 Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Women’s Studies & Psychology

Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga – Ariel Schwartz 2021
  • ParaYoga: Tantra Shakti – Rod Stryker Bali 2018
  • ParaYoga: Yoga Nidrai – Rod Stryker Bali 2018
  • Odaka Yoga 200 hour with Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia Rome, Italy 2017
  • Vinyasa Yoga 200 hour with Gérard Arnaud Lausanne, Switzerland 2014
  • Dharma Yoga Vinyasa 200 hour with Uma Kleppinger, Portland, OR USA 2006
  • Bikram Yoga 500 hour Los Angeles, CA USA 2002

Coaching & Counseling Training

  • Family Constellations with Praful Saracino (in training 2023)
  • Working with People Holistic Counseling Training with Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover Italy 2020-21
  • Healing Trauma: Building Resilience & Weathering the Storm with Dr. Albert Wong 2021
  • Self-image and True Identity with Avikal Constantino 2021
  • Freedom to Be Yourself – Understanding the Inner Judge with Avikal Constantino 2020
  • Self-image and True Identity with Avikal Constantino 2020
  • Yoga Health Coaching with Cate Stillman- 2016-2017

Women's Spirituality

  • Journey Into the Wisdom and Power of the Feminine with Turiya Hanover 2020
  • Tara: The Alchemy of the Enlightened Feminine with Chameli Ardagh Zurich 2015
  • Moon Mother Training Level 1 & 2 with Miranda Gray Lausanne 2014, 2015
  • Red Moon Workshop with Miranda Gray Lausanne 2015
  • The Women’s Tao with Veetao Hogan Lausanne 2014
  • The Dance of the Uterus with Mona Hebert Lausanne 2013
  • Feminine Power Leadership Training Los Angeles 2011-2012

Other Trainings & Experience

  • Pulsation Bioenergetic Heart Segment Training with Magna Rasulo Italy 2020
  • Path of Love 2019 UK
  • Pulsation Bioenergetics Training with Aneesha Dillon Italy 2018
  • Intuitive Plant Medicine Studies with Asia Suler 2017
  • Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies UK, Holland, Italy, Peru, Switzerland 2012-2016
  • Qigong Training with Heiner Freuhauf Portland, Oregon USA 2004-2007


“This sun keeps on shining.”