My approach

My intention is to create a safe space for you to unfold your understanding of yourself and your life’s journey to support your true aliveness and happiness.

What is seeking healing?
What parts of you need nourishment?
What is ready to be released?
What wants to come alive?

In every wound there is a gift, an intelligence, and a resource. With time we develop trust in our journey and the lessons that life is bringing to us. A natural courage arises to welcome all parts of ourselves and all that happens as fuel to grow, develop, and heal.

My role is to bear witness

as you cultivate more awareness about yourself, your gifts, your patterns, your pain, your shadows, your heart longings, your dreams. I support you to discover where these are felt in your body and how this greater somatic awareness will become a resource and guide in your day to day life. Furthermore, this increased awareness acts as a gentle solvent that, over time, gradually dissolves that which is not really you and supports your remembrance of your essence, of who you really are.

We are complex multidimensional beings
living in a complicated world.

I use a holistic and integral approach that includes all aspects of the human experience:
physical/somatic, emotional, psychological/mental, and spiritual/soul level.

My therapeutic approach is a combination of Essence Work based a Sufi map of the essential aspects of being called the Lataif and western depth psychology. I draw upon the tools and techniques of breathwork, somatic awareness exercises, and embodiment practices such as yoga and conscious movement. The foundation of my work, however, is the therapeutic relationship based on trust, respect, and empathy.

For more detailed information about my approach to counseling and yoga/embodiment work, please refer to the section ‘’Work with Me’’

We can work together in the following ways:

Individual Counseling Sessions (online or in person)
Individual Yoga/Somatic Awareness Sessions (online or in person)
Group Yoga Sessions
Retreats & Workshops


“This sun keeps on shining.”