What is counseling?
What happens in an individual session?
Why could this be useful for me?

Here is the short version…

Life is a beautiful gift AND it is complex and challenging.  You were not given a user’s manual upon birth and you are trying to figure it out as you live your best life.

  • You feel dis-ease in your life in one way or another–on a mental, emotional, or physical level or on all these levels.
  • You feel there is more to life than the way you are living and you long for more freedom and passion.
  • You want to improve your relationships– with yourself, your partner, your kids, your parents, etc.
  • You feel the negative power of addictions and self sabotaging behaviors and you want relief.

Simply, you want to feel better, live better, and enjoy your life!

You find me
and I offer you the following:

Time & Space

Time and space just for you in safety, confidentiality, and respect.

A Safe Place

A container in which to unravel your feelings and thoughts with someone who witnesses and holds space for your process.


Guidance to learn to listen to your body and breath so you can reconnect to your inner truth and feelings that are often hard to access. 


Support in recontextualizing your story through understanding how you make meaning and discovering generative and creative ways to understand yourself and your life.


Tools and psycho-education that will support you in relating to yourself, others, your past, and your future.


The power of presence and my passion for the power of this work based on my personal experience and training.

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Want to know more?

Here’s the long version…

This life is a school and thus is continually teaching us. 
The teachings come in all forms and often get our attention the most when they come in the form of discomfort, disease, confusion, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, or other feelings or situations that are painful, complex, or simply not pleasant. 

Often in these moments we are so wrapped up in what we are feeling or experiencing that we forget that Life is a school and that we are here to learn, and instead are very focused on resisting what is present or trying to find quick solutions to provide relief.  

So the first thing that an individual session provides you with is the

simplicity of time and space just for you:

a safe, quiet, confidential container in which to begin
to allow yourself to be with yourself and with your experience.  
Before we continue, I would like to underline just how  powerful and profound it is to simply dedicate time and space to yourself with someone whose focus is to simply listen, witness, and support.

This is sacred time that you have dedicated to yourself and your self-remembrance–and this alone activates the recovery process.

In this container, you have

the space to speak.

To share your thoughts and feelings without needing to be rational or logical and without rules about political, religious, or spiritual correctness.  You have the space to share your version of events and your perspective, and you will learn through the process to give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel. 

This may seem like something you are already doing, but my personal and professional experience tells me otherwise: we cut, censor, limit, judge, and silence ourselves to the point that we lose contact with what we really feel, think, and believe.

We become confused and lost and become dependent on family and societal codes, political and spiritual correctness, and any number of other external structures to guide what
we are allowed to feel, think, and perceive.

In order for you to

reconnect to yourself and your feelings and perceptions, we use body awareness and breath.

I will guide you again and again to return to your bodily sensations so that your body can guide you back to yourself and to what is true for you.

You will learn to observe your patterns of breath for information about what you are feeling, as well as learn to use your breath consciously to feel more deeply into parts of your body and being that have been lost, forgotten, or banished.

You will also have the space to slowly feel into new states of being in a way that is respectful to the nervous system and does not create a stress response.

As you become ever more connected to yourself you will naturally

begin a process of  recontextualization: redefining and giving new meaning to your story.

And this brings us back to the original premise that Life is a school with a specifically designed curriculum to teach you exactly what you need to remember who you are, reclaim your Truth, and return your Essence.

And thus you can  begin to retell your story as a story of healing and remembrance in which every person, place, event, situation, feeling–everything–is serving you.

You can start to write your story in real time,

becoming a co-author with Life itself.

You can learn to move in the Flow – living a life with more authenticity, freedom to be yourself, and ease.
As our fundamental perspective on life changes, we begin to live more in joy and gratitude and can truly enjoy the process along the way, even through the complexities and challenges.

Through this process here are some examples
of what you will have the possibility to acquire:

  • Increased capacity to feel yourself and know what is true for you

  • Increased somatic awareness and an experiential understanding of why this is vital

  • Increased awareness about how events or situations in your past are affecting you now and how to work with this awareness

  • Experiential understanding of what self-care means and support in how to incorporate it into your everyday life

  • Increased awareness into how you make meaning and why

  • Skills to communicate your needs and desires and understanding about your difficulties with this

  • Awareness about your personal boundaries and limits (or lack thereof) and how to work with them

  • Understanding about the inner judge and how to work with it in your life

  • Increased awareness what really lights you up and makes you excited

  • And whatever else Life has on the curriculum for you!

Ready to book a free 30 minute discovery session to meet me and see if this is the right path for you?


“This sun keeps on shining.”