Sacred time
and space


The Movement Gathering

May 2023 Corfu, Greece

Agape Zoe FestivaL

July 2023 Corfu, Greece

Sacred Pause Women’s Retreat


Le Repos de la Guerrière

November 2023 Vendée France

Holistic Detox Retreat Tuscany



CERCHIO Delle Donne

Monthly in Ficulle

The word retreat historically means the act of ‘withdrawing’, ‘stepping back’, and ‘period of retirement for self-examination’.

Today we use the word retreat to describe a group process, usually lasting for 3 or more days, which affords the opportunity to step out of one’s day to day reality. It provides the time, space, and tools to reflect, ask deeper questions, and explore states of being that are not easily accessed in the hustle of normal life.

A retreat is a sacred time and space dedicated to

Remembering Who We Are.

It is also often a time of much needed deep rest and nourishment for body, mind, and spirit.

The group nature of a retreat is a fundamental part of its healing and transformational potential: a group of people with a shared intention creates a powerful field of energy that provides support and holding that allows us to go to places that we cannot access alone.

Over the years, I have had the privilege and honor of creating retreats for many beautiful souls on the journey of Remembering.

When the relentless hustle of your everyday life prevents slowing down, it is the time you most need to

slow down and Remember

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Join me in Corfu for this magical gathering.

Use the discount code SHEILA108 when you book.

4 jours pour nous poser, nous reposer, nous déposer entre femmes, prendre soin de nos corps et de nos coeurs, nous remplir de douceur, de lenteur, de connexions, et écouter notre sagesse profonde.

Holistic Detox Retreat Tuscany

Escape into the profound beauty of Tuscany at the world renowned Monteverdi Resort to disconnect from the daily chaos and reconnect with yourself and nature, nestled in one of Italy’s richest naturalistic areas.

Respiro Sacro, Donna Sacra

Un cerchio mensile di donne che si riuniscono per onorare noi stesse e le nostre vite, per esplorare ed ampliare la nostra comprensione della femminilità, della nostra umanità e della nostra divinità. Spazi sicuri e nutritivi per le donne per stare con altre donne rappresentano un aspetto vitale nella guarigione delle ferite personali e collettive, nell'accedere al nostro vero potere femminile e nel ricordare la benedizione e la sacra responsabilità di essere una donna.

Da quando guido cerchi di donne dal 2011, trovo che questo cerchio, Respiro Sacro, Donna Sacra, sia particolarmente potente grazie all'aggiunta di pratiche di embodiment e di respirazione che consentono di elaborare ed integrare a livello subconscio dopo una meditazione e una condivisione su un tema particolare che cambia ogni mese.